Jewellery Repairs

Here at Rojers Jewellery all types of jewellery repairs are carried out in our onsite workshop. This means unlike most jewellers you are safe in the knowledge that your jewellery will not be sent elsewhere but remains in-house to undergo any repairs.

Here are some of the repair services we offer:


  • Rings that have split or have been cut off can be resoldered
  • Ring bands that are too thin or have worn thin can be strengthened by replacing with thicker band
  • Rings made larger or smaller to fit your finger size properly
  • Missing diamonds and gemstones replaced
  • Securing loose stones.
  • Claw(s) re-tipped or replaced

Chains – Necklaces/Bracelets

  • Broken links resoldered
  • Made shorter or longer
  • Missing links replaced
  • Clasps mended or replaced
  • Extension chains added
  • Safety chain or safety clasp added


  • Butterfly backs replaced
  • Broken posts resoldered or placed
  • Made to match if one earring has been lost


  • Bails replaced or repaired
  • Missing stones replaced


  • Backs repaired or replaced
  • Missing stones replaced

Polish and Cleaning

Jewellery that has gone dull and scratched over time can be polished and cleaned to look new.

Rhodium plating

When your white gold jewellery loses its whiteness, bring it in to have it recoated in rhodium to have it looking like brand new.

Watch Batteries

If your watch has gone slow or has stopped working as the battery has run out, we can check and replace the battery if necessary.